Training 4 Microsoft CRM was formed by the core CRM trainers and experts from F1 Computing when the F1 brand and business was sold to QA in January this year. We felt that Microsoft CRM needs the expertise that can only be offered by a CRM focused training provider.
Now Microsoft CRM is becoming such a large ecosystem with acquisitions including Social Engagement, Marketing, Parature and more. You really need a focused and highly skilled training provider to help you get the very best out of the CRM stack.

  • Your team will learn to take full advantage of the ever increasing feature set of each release of CRM which will enable your team and organisation to become more efficient and effective each and every year.
    Don't settle for the same old training supplier who are using old and out of date training material, make sure you learn for the present and the future not for the past.

  • Microsoft themselves choose us! We have trained dozens of Microsoft UK people this year alone and, in fact, our lead trainer skilled up the entire Microsoft European CRM sales support team few years ago!

  • Your team will receive far more personalised learning that any other training company in the UK with our guaranteed Maximum of 6 delegates per class (compared to 24 plus students on some of our competitors courses).
    Our small classes gives your team the opportunity to ask questions about your own CRM configuration and explore best practice options for improving your CRM system.

  • We offer far more CRM courses than any other training provider in the UK. We have our own dedicated team of technical writers working hard to give you courses to cover every aspect of the CRM stack.
    Your team can pick the training courses that are tuned for your own organisations requirements.

  • Our own unique and comprehensive Learning Paths, enables your team to obtain the skills they need to become experts in their field.
    We are the only company to offer these paths tuned to your job roles.

Why Choose us for your Microsoft CRM Training & Certification?
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