As part of a Services team, you will want to maximise productivity, most easily attained by attending the 'T4CRM002 - Learn CRM 2015 in Five Days Flat' course, to gain a complete overview of core functionality and fully connected environment of CRM 2015.

Alternatively, if time is an issue, you may want to attend the 1 day 'T4CRM006 - CRM 2015 for Customer Service' course to help you obtain a head start in understanding of how CRM 2015 can be utilised to achieve the very best service levels for your customers.

In addition, managers and team leaders may want to attend the 'T4CRM009 - CRM 2015 Reporting' and 'T4CRM017 - CRM Processes and Workflows' courses, to enable measure and boost productivity from their teams.

Further details coming soon!