As part of the Marketing team, you will want to grasp how CRM can help you efficiently and effectively engage with your audiences, as well as measure response coverage rates. Ideally you will begin with the one day course 'T4CRM005 - CRM 2015 for Sales and Marketing Professionals' to gain an understanding of the fully connected sales and marketing aspects of CRM 2015.

To focus in your marketing expertise, it is recommended to attend both courses, 'T4CRM012 - Introduction to Dynamics Marketing' and 'T4CRM013 - Advanced Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing' to enable yourself to fully utilise Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service.

Marketing team members responsible for deploying or customising Microsoft Dynamics Marketing would also be strongly advised to attend the 'T4CRM014 - Technical Deployment and Customisation of Dynamics Marketing' course.

Optionally, if you are interested in making use of Microsoft Social Engagement, you best attend the 1 day 'T4CRM015 - Introduction to Microsoft Social Engagement', followed by the 2 day 'T4CRM016 - Social Engagement for Microsoft CRM 2015' for a more in-depth understanding.

Further details coming soon!