Connect and configure Unified Service desk with your CRM system.

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Course Details

Title: T4CRM048 - CRM 2016 Unified Service Desk
Duration: 5 days
Price: £2,990 + VAT

About this Course
This training course provides individuals with the skills required to provide a reliable and consistent customer experience across multiple channels via Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Audience Profile

At Course Completion
• Define the benefits of Unified Service Desk
• Understand USD Architecture
• Understand the components of the CRM stack and how to deploy them
• Describe UII actions and events
• Customize desktops
• Search CRM data
• Utilize user settings
• Create templates
• Describe memory management
• Understand USD Hosted Forms
• Understand Computer Telephony Integration architecture with CRM 2016
• Understand how to host external applications within CRM 2016

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Contact Centers
- Benefits of Unified Service Desk
- USD Architecture Overview
- Why USD - business reasons for using USD

Module 2: CRM Stack
- Installation - CRM Package Deployer
- USD Agent Desktop / Components
- Hosted Controls

Module 3: UII Actions
- Action Calls
- Toolbars
- Windows Navigation Rules
Lab: Windows Navigation Rules

Module 4: Events
- Options
- Logging
- Using the Debugger
Lab: Events
Lab: Debugger

Module 5: Replacement Parameters
- Scriptlets
Lab: Using Replacement Parameters
Lab: Using Scriptlets

Module 6: Using CRM Data
- Entity Searches
- Session Management
- Session Lines
- Agent Scripts
Lab: Entity Searches
Lab: Name the Session
Lab: Creating an Agent Script

Module 7: User Settings
- Configuration(s)
- Templates
Lab : Utilize User Settings
Lab : Create a Configuration
Lab: Reading an email template

Module 8: Caching
- Memory Management
Lab : Activate Caching

Module 9: Customizing the Desktop
- Custom Styling
Lab : Custom Main Panel Layout
Lab: Modify the theme

Module 10: USD Hosted Controls
- Forms
- Utilize Forms in your USD Hosted Control
- Panels and Layouts
Lab : Create your own USD Hosted Controls
Lab: Creating a custom Layout with Code Behind

Module 11: CTI Framework
- Computer Telephony Integration Architecture
- Generic Listener
- Custom CTI Adapters
Lab : Setup Generic Listener
Lab: Creating a Custom CTI Adapter

Module 12: CCA Migration
- Customer Care Accelerator
- Hosting External Applications

Module 13: Troubleshooting / Scenarios
- Q & A

• Experience using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 or 2015.
• Basic C# programming skills.