Navigate the complexities of on-premise deployment of CRM 2015, including configuring the email router and the exchange server.

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Course Details

Title: T4CRM011 - CRM 2015 Installation and Deployment
Duration: 2 days
Price: £1,400 + VAT

About this Course
This course provides individuals with the skills to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Additionally, this course focuses on the components used within a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, the hardware and software requirements needed to successfully deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and the installation instructions for the primary Microsoft Dynamics CRM components: the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, the E-Mail Router, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Office Outlook. The course also covers upgrading from earlier versions, and administration tasks.

Audience Profile
This training is intended for professionals deploying CRM 2015 on premise into their system. Individuals must be confident using and configuring Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Outlook.

At Course Completion
• Describe the System Requirements and Technologies
• Examine How to Install CRM Server and Reporting Extensions
• Review Deployment-Wide Administration Tasks
• Identify the Options for Upgrading to CRM 2015
• Describe the Options for Managing Email Synchronization
• Examine How to Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
• Describe the Steps to Configure Internet-Facing Deployment
• Describe Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tasks
• Explore High-Availability Options

Course Outline
Module 1: System Requirements and Required Technologies
Lab: Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server

Module 2: Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server
Lab: Load Sample Data

Module 3: Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions

Module 4: Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Deployment Manager
Lab: Duplicate the Adventure Works Cycles Organization

Module 5: Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Module 6: Email Management
Lab : Install the Email Router
Lab : Configure the Email Router Lab : Configure Server-side Synchronisation

Module 7: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook
Lab : Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
Lab : Offline Capability

Module 8: Maintain and Troubleshoot a Deployment
Lab : Configure Tracing

Module 9: High Availability Options
Lab : Course Review

• Experience with Microsoft Windows Server
• Experience with Active Directory
• Experience with Internet Information Services (IIS)
• Experience with Microsoft Exchange
• Experience with Microsoft SQL Server
• Experience with Microsoft Outlook