Need help choosing the CRM course that is right for you? Training 4 Microsoft CRM have now introduced CRM Learning Paths, to help you get the most out of your CRM system!
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Course Title Duration Course Code
CRM 2015 Certification Boot Camp
Get your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification in just 5 days! Full unlimited coaching and 2 Exams included
5 days T4CRM001
Fast Track to Learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 in just five days
Master the latest version of CRM's tools and functions + how to customise and configure them
5 days T4CRM002
CRM 2015 Applications
Learn Sales, Marketing and Services tools and functions for the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in just 2 days
2 days T4CRM003
CRM Customisation and Configuration
Learn to customise the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to completely fit your business model in only 3 days
3 days T4CRM004
CRM 2015 Sales and Marketing Professionals
End user CRM training for Sales team members and managers using the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
1 day T4CRM005
CRM 2015 Customer Service
End user CRM training for customer service and service scheduling for the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
1 day T4CRM006
Introduction to CRM Online
1 day course to get you started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
1 day T4CRM007
CRM Online Deployment
Understand the processes and procedures to make any deployment of CRM Online quick and smooth.
1 day T4CRM008
CRM 2015 Reporting
Use the Latest tools to create charts, reports and Odata and improve business performance.
1 day T4CRM009
Extending CRM 2015
Develop custom extensions and workflows for Dynamics CRM
5 days T4CRM010
CRM 2015 Installation and Deployment
Navigate the complexities of on-premise deployment of CRM 2015, including configuring the email router and the exchange server.
2 days T4CRM011
Introduction to Dynamics Marketing
Introduction to Dynamics Marketing
1 days T4CRM012
Advanced Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Configure and utilise Dynamics Marketing to its fullest extent
2 days T4CRM013
Technical Deployment and Customisation of Dynamics Marketing
Deploy Dynamics Marketing and connect it to your CRM system. Plus customise it to precisely fit your business model.
1 day T4CRM014
Introduction to Microsoft Social Engagement
1 day course to understand the fundamentals of Dynamics Social Engagement
1 day T4CRM015
Advanced Dynamics Social Engagement
Advanced functionality and integration with Dynamics CRM
1 day T4CRM016
CRM Processes and Workflows
Optimise efficiency by using the latest tools to automate your business processes and workflows.
1 day T4CRM017
CRM Unified Service Desk
Connect and configure Unified Service desk with your CRM system.
5 days T4CRM018
CRM 2015 Developer Bootcamp
Fully control your CRM experience from customising to developing extensions
8 days T4CRM019
Optimising User Experiences (UX) for Microsoft CRM
Increase user adoptability and efficiency in just 2 days with a Best Practice course
2 days T4CRM020
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Fast Track
From beginner to expert in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing in just 3 days
3 days T4CRM021
Automating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Business Process Management
Utilise and Maximise the impact Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows
1 day T4CRM023
CRM 2015 Data Management
Master the latest tools and functions to evaluate, clean, prepare and import data into Dynamics CRM
1 day T4CRM024