What is a Digital Partner of Record?

A Digital Partner of Record is a Microsoft qualified partner who helps you with your CRM Online subscription. This help can include services such as training/mentoring, designing, building, deploying or managing your CRM Online solution.

A Digital Partner of Record is not the partner who sold the CRM subscription to you.

In our case we help empower your team through both training courses and/or mentoring services from expert CRM Trainers with 10+ years working, managing and developing CRM systems. We also help you manage your CRM system.

When assigning a Digital Partner of Record, you will provide delegated administration to the Digital Partner of Record for your Office 365 account. By doing this we can help you in the following ways*:

Being a digital partner of record does not allow us to see or do any more than the above tasks. Specifically:

  • A Partner of Record cannot view any of your data or manipulate your account.
  • Having a Partner of Record associated with your account does not affect your cost.
  • Partner of Record does not mean you are "stuck" with a partner that turns out to be unhelpful. You can change Partner at any time!

For more information on Digital Partner of Record and Partner Association see Microsoft's Site here.

Already have a Digital Partner of Record?

In April 2016 Microsoft created a new partner-customer relationship called "Partner Association" to reflect the fact that often more than one partner can be called upon to help a given customer obtain maximum value and use out of their CRM and Office 365 stack. Our focus of offering 'Customer Empowerment through our training services' is a prime example of a Partner Association.

By adding Training 4 Microsoft CRM as an Associated Partner, you receive can all the benefits above, while retaining your existing Partner of Record. For information see Associate Partner page here.

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